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All Inclusive 2 Channel Group Listening Wireless Headphone Systems by Silent Safaris® (Since 2009)

Silent Disco Headphones - 8 Ways to Have Fun (videos below for group listening)

  • Party Headphones

    Silent Disco Business Start Up's

    Silent Safaris® is leading the way for successful start up's local and overseas, bringing years of experience in product & accessory manufacturing for USA national Party Headphone Hire company in New York, we also brand to suit your needs. Not to mention successful business models in the Silent Party Hire business in Australia.

    Party Headphones uses Silent Safaris Equipment branded to suit there company
  • Silent Disco for Home

    Peace In a Box for Home

    Family multi media volume wars are now settled for mum. Usually the kids are driving mum crazy listening to TV's, iPad's and gaming consoles, sometimes all at the same time.
    Silent Safaris all inclusive rechargeable 2, 4 and 10 pack option, wireless headphones with 2 rechargeable transmitters and 2 channel capability of the headsets, settle arguments by muting the kids with wireless headphones.
    Easy as!

    Popular in the USA
  • Silent Fitness System

    Silent Group Fitness

    Contrary to all claims made by various companies around the world. Silent Safaris was the first to develop the Silent Fitness idea, with exciting new technology and an iOS MC App, to make the world's most complete compact outdoor group fitness utilising wireless headphones and microphones.

    New Application for Fitness Activities
  • Silent Disco Promotions

    Corporate Promotions

    Corporate events and functions can grab the public attention through creative marketing utilising the multiple wireless headphone technology. Silent Safaris® also uses the wireless headphone system for outdoor cinemas and the like.

    Grab Attention & Get Noticed
  • Stacks Image 2014

    Disco D Tours

    DiscoDtours in Sydney Australia, is a brand new way to experience our very own city through music, but has the added benefit of social impact by raising funds for your favourite charity. This social enterprise is the brain child of my great friend Alison Harrington, and your support of this concept will go towards the start up costs of this innovative organisation.

    Disco Tour Guide
  • Silent Disco New Zealand

    University Fund Raiser Events

    Many Universities around the world use Silent Disco Headphones for Festivals and Educational aids. Most common use is fund raisers and entertainment.

    Great for Schools
  • Silent Party Hire

    Silent Disco Party Hire

    More and more noise restrictions are a common challenge. In most cases, common sense prevails when it comes to venues and surrounding neighbours and wildlife. Having a Silent Party is becoming second nature, not to mention a great way to get people enjoying themselves.

    Great for Christmas Parties
  • The Secret City Band

    The Secret City "Silent Disco"

    Published on 14 Feb 2015
    Silent Disco by "The Secret City" (c) 2015 GOLDEN BOY RECORDS Director: Timothy Wilde To buy it go to: For more info on the Secret City:

    Silent Disco Music Video
  • Stacks Image 4073

    Silent Disco @ Music Festivals

    Our great friends in Texas USA, ‘Fallen Tree Silent Productions’ are taking music festivals by storm with their own twist on the Silent Disco revolution.
    Fallen Tree use up to 1500 wireless headphones at a time, untilising 2 channels to create a memorable time for Festival Goer's.

    Festival Proven Track Record

Silent Safaris® offers the 3 best Multiple Wireless Headphone 'All Inclusive System' packages.
Choice of 2, 4 or 10 headphone kits, complete with multi chargers & audio accessories.
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Silent Safaris MC iOS App for iPhone, iPad, iPod
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Silent Disco Headphones for Group Listening by Silent Safaris®
Ultimate Compact Wireless Headphone System
Everything you need including smart 10 port charging
Multiple Applications!

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Silent Safaris® Products are distributed by Silent Party Pty Ltd (Australia),
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Most Countries, you don't need Licenses to operate this wireless system. Nevertheless, operating this system without a license is subject to certain restrictions in other countries: the system may not cause harmful interference; it must operate at a low power level (not in excess of 50 milliwatts); and it has no protection from interference received from any other device. Purchasers should also be aware that the ACMA & FCC is always evaluating use of wireless systems, and these rules are subject to change.
You should check your individual government rules on wireless transmitting frequencies & regulations before purchasing.
Operating frequency 433 Mhz